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July 2020 Newsletter

From the Minister...

Dear Friends,


I’m writing this in my home office (aka the easy chair in my bedroom aka the bedtime story area) and dreaming of hotel rooms.  If all things had been normal (hah!) I would be attending the General Assembly of our Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (GA) in Providence, RI.  Every year GA is an opportunity for thousands of Unitarian Universalists to come together, do the business of our association, worship together and make connections beyond our local congregations.  

This year, General Assembly, like so much of our lives, has moved online.  Like UUCV, the UUA has moved worship, business meetings and education to zoom meeting rooms.  I will get to experience online worship, rather than leading it.  I will work with my co-religionists to figure out how to have a helpful dialogue via zoom chat.  I will phone bank with UU the Vote (find out more  here) rather than engage in our annual mass demonstration.  Many things will remain the same but nothing will feel quite the same.


It is tempting to constantly compare: how does this new way of doing things match up to what we used to do?  Inevitably the new falls short.  But I think we are comparing the wrong things.  The question is not: is this new thing the same as a thing I previously loved?  The question is: does this new thing help me to do the things my faith calls me to do: 


love one another


make meaning of our lives


fight to make sure everyone has the opportunity to do the first two free of violence and fear.


Everything we can do that helps us accomplish those three tasks is worth doing, even if it doesn’t feel quite like it used to.  Living our faith isn’t something we ever finish with.  New tools will be required. But we will continue to love, find meaning and fight for justice.  Together.


In faith,


Worship this Month
The Worship Theme for July is "Words that Unite/Words that Divide"

Normally the Sermon titles and blurbs are included in this section.  However, our new normal is things change...every minute.  Each weeks worship service will be inspired by the journey we are all on at the moment. 

We look forward to you joining us Sunday's at 10:30 am.   Connect with us at

July 5: - 
"God"'  By what name shall we call it? Love? Spirit? Possibility?  Rev. Aija Simpson preaches.

July 12. - "I'm Praying for You" ...and other sentences that make me want to run away.  Rev. Aija Simpson preaching with worsip associate Cathy Dewalt.

July 19:  "Sanctuary" ...and other places we can't go right now.  Rev. Aija Simpson preaching with worship associate Cheryl Parsons.

July 26: "Happy Holidays, Black Lives Matter....and other phrases that make people irrational"  How can two phrases so seemingly different invoke such strong responses? What makes people respond to inclusivity with anger?  Chris Kapp leads the service with worship associate Bev Motich.

This n That...
UUCV Book Group 

The UUCV Book Group meets the 4th Sunday of each month at 6:30 in the YUUth Room. Brochures with this year's picks are available in the Social Hall, and new members are always welcome to join us.

The July 26th selection is "Accessory to War: The Unspoken Alliance Between Astrophysics and the Military" by Neil deGrasse Tyson, a world-renowned astrophysicist. This book examines the ways space has been used by the military throughout history, and the relationship between science and combat. 

If you have any questions, please contact UUCV Book Group Coordinator, Riley Johnson at, or Pam in the office at or 

Please note: We will be meeting via Zoom for the foreseeable future. The link is available upon request.



UUCV Grocery Cards for Sale

We are still available for you to purchase grocery card sales for Weis, Karns and Giant...and remember you can use your Giant card for gas also.

Send an email to Pam with your order and the cards will be mailed to your home.  You can pay by sending a check to  UUCV, PO Box 207, Boiling Springs, PA  17007 or you can pay by credit card directly to  Pam...indicate in your email if you want to pay by credit card and Pam will arrange the payment with you. 

Thanks for continuing to support UUCV.



Join SJC for a discussion on film "Just Mercy"

Join the Social Justice Committee at their next meeting on Saturday, July 18 at 6:30 pm by ZOOM where they will be discussing the film "Just Mercy"  This film is streaming free for the month of July on multiple platforms. 


Based on a true story, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx star in this fillm.

After graduating from Harvard, Bryan Stevenson heads to Alabama to defend those wrongly condemned or those not afforded proper representation. One of his first cases is that of Walter McMillian, who is sentenced to die in 1987 for the murder of an 18-year-old girl, despite evidence proving his innocence. In the years that follow, Stevenson encounters racism and legal and political maneuverings as he tirelessly fights for McMillian's life.

Social Justice at UUCV

July Social Justice Opportunities
      Dinner for 60 - July 19

UUCV will be providing a meal for our CARES Community on Sunday, July 19 

Please email by Tuesday, July 14 to sign up.

Special thanks to Carol Riesmeyer for setting up these meals with CARES staff.

Here is what we need for our Chili Dinner:

Pots of Chili in Disposable Pans

    Needed :  2 vegetarian chili
                      2 Mild Chili
                      2  Spicy Chili
Cornbread : Need  6 pans

Crackers :    Need 2 Boxes
Salads:    Need   3 Tossed Salads
                Need   3 Cole Slaw
Mixed Fresh Fruit:  ( In season fruit, cut up, ready to eat)
                    Need  6  Containers
Cookies:    Need 12 dozen
Milk: 3 gallons
Iced Tea: 3 gallons
Lemonade:  3 gallons
All food items need to be sent in nonreturnable containers, such as foil pans or any disposable containers.   Food items will be picked up at the church parking lot 
on Sunday, July 19 between 3:00 and  3:30.  Or you can call Cindy Good (717-440-2069), or Mike Riesmeyer (724-822-4105)ahead of time for pick-up. Any questions, call Carol Riesmeyer at 724-822-6423.  
THANK-YOU  for caring about the homeless population in our area. The needs at
CARES are increasing as the number of clients increases. When the state ban on
Evictions ends on July 18, these numbers are about to grow even more.
Change for the World
Community CARES - AUGUST

Community CARES will be UUCV's Change for the World again in August.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Community Cares is continuing to practice social distancing and has moved its most vulnerable and sick residents into hotel rooms to help curb the spread of the virusThey currently have a Census of approximately 60 people and are operating on a skeleton staff. Their resources are being stretched to the limit right now, as need is up and donations are down. 

Keeping 60 residents safe and healthy during a pandemic, in a communal setting, is a herculean task that they are tackling with grace and proficiency. Please support Community CARES staff by donating to this month’s CFTW. They are the front line of protecting our most vulnerable citizens right now.

Send checks made out to UUCV with "CFTW" or "CARES" in the memo line and send to UUCV, PO Box 207, Boiling Springs, PA  17007

Other ways you can help our CARES community.  Here's what is needed most right now...


Basic staple foods
Hygiene Products
Cleaning supplies
2x and 3x men's and women's underwear (new)
men's and women's socks (new)
men's xl boxers and t-shirts (new)
allergy medicine
coffee filters
coffee creamer
cold medicine 
bike locks

Non-perishable items may be placed in the CARES collection container located near the door by UUCV’s parking lot.

Religious Education

Survey about RE at UUCV: Summer 2020 and Beyond
We find ourselves in strange times. We have been sheltering in place and social distancing for months to stop the spread of COVID-19, and have been getting mixed messages from our federal, state, and local government. Centering our most vulnerable populations, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has recommended that we not hold in-person meetings including RE through May 2021, pending updates from the CDC.

However, I don't have to tell you that offering religious education online presents challenges for many children and families. Where does this leave us?

As we explore options, I am asking you to share with me how your household is navigating risk, keeping in mind the very real financial, social, and spiritual needs of your family. What decisions are you making for your household right now? What possibilities for RE would you consider?
Only one adult from each household needs to complete the form. Please submit by Friday, July 10 so that we can get going on Summer and Fall plans! Feel free to contact me if you would prefer to schedule a phone call with me instead of filling out the survey, or if you have questions or concerns:
Thank you!
Emily Crutcher
Director of Lifespan Faith Development

UUCV Auction News

Hello to everyone!

This is Cathy coming to you from the Auction Attic. You know? That place where we keep things that are too good to throw away, but will never use. That place where we have stored heirlooms from people we've never known or met. That place of knowledge that you have not thought about or made use of in a long time.

I am hosting an auction meeting on Zoom at 12:15 on Sunday July 19 ID# 572 887 2212. Our annual auction has tentatively been moved until next spring, however there are ideas afoot to do something this year to keep us in the mood, connected, and informed. I'm asking those of you that have supported our annual auction in the past as part of the auction committee, as well as newcomers to attend this short meeting. Bring with you your own ideas about what we can do between now and late fall, or build on what some of us have come up with. I welcome anyone from the fund raising committee to attend as well.

So mark your calendars for Sunday, July 19 at 12:15 for our first auction meeting and I hope to see many of you there.

UUCV Memorial Garden

A special thank you to Cindy Good for all her hard work on our UUCV Memorial Garden.  
This garden is very special to so many in our congregation and it now reflects a calm and peaceful spot.
Watch for more changes to the garden to come.
Music at UUCV

Alone Together at "Piano in Solitude"

David's childhood piano (a hand-me-down from mom Patty)  Sopie the Bengal for scale and cuteness factor.

The spinet that sits in my home studio—you’ve seen it over my shoulder if you’ve watched me play the prelude during our Zoom worship—is the same piano that sat in the living room of my childhood home as I was growing up.  I learned to play on that instrument, though my parents never quite believed I ever did any practicing on it.  (As a dyed-in-the-wool introvert, I never practice when others can hear me, so I only touched that instrument when I was home alone.)

When I got to college, while other students (I presume) were sneaking out of their dorms to library carrels and science labs, I spent many midnight hours in the sanctuary of Allison Church playing the grand piano that lived there, enjoying the special ambience a grand piano creates in a large, empty, resonant hall.  Sometimes I’d play music I knew well.  Occasionally I’d work on repertory I wanted to improve.  Most often, though, I’d just improvise, letting the sound of each note and each chord “tell” me where the music wanted to go next.  It was a practice that wasn’t necessarily great for my GPA, but it was absolutely life-saving for my soul.

True, those nights spent listening and (in the best sense of the word)  playing at the piano were foundational to the work I do now as a composer, arranger, and music teacher.  I learned the importance of resonance and silence, of dissonance and resolution, of movement and stillness.  But most importantly, I learned to find peace in ambiguity, and groundedness in uncertainty.

On Thursday evenings during the quarantine I’ve been opening my home—virtually, of course—in an attempt to share some of that magic with anyone who cares to join me.  Each week I select and meditate on a different reading before I sit down to play, but once the hour begins and I light my home chalice it’s as though I’m back in that Sanctuary in college, alone in the darkness, just listening and  playing.  I check the Zoom logs afterwards to see who’s been present with me, but my goal for the time is really for each of us just to be “alone together” in the same acoustic space.  Attendees’ mics are muted, and most even leave their video off so they don’t need to be self-conscious about their appearance.  At least one regular visitor tells me they’re in the habit of lying on the floor, eyes closed, so nothing competes for the focus of the music.  It’s a special time for me, that helps me reclaim a sense of calm during weeks full of not-calm-ness, and I think I move more competently in the world because I carve out this time each week.

If you’d like to join us, you’re welcome to do so, any time on Thursdays between 8:30 and 9:30 PM ET on our regular  Virtual Community Zoom channel.  We can even send you a text reminder an hour before the event each week if you like—just  sign up here or  let me know directly and I can add you to the list.

As Rev. Aija reminds us often, we need each other more than we know.  And when we’re too exhausted or frightened or numb to “get out there and make some trouble,” sometimes what we need to help us heal and recover is to be alone, together.

May it be so for you as well.

Visit this site on our website 
UUCV Announcements
ZOOM Reservations

We are thankful for the technology that has allowed us to remain connected with our UUCV family.
It warms our hearts to see all your faces (or names) at worship on Sundays.  And, many of you are also using our UUCV channels for your small group meetings, committee meetings, and monthly executive meetings.

We ask that the meeting leader reserve your ZOOM time by emailing Pam.  A staff member will open up your meeting at your requested time and then turn over the HOST duties to the leader and staff will pull out of the meeting.  We have multiple channels and happily, they are being used to keep everyone connected.  

The ZOOM passwords have been changed so make sure you get your time reserved so the staff can connect you with your group.

ZOOM Worship

Most of our activities will be held in our main Zoom channel, which is accessible in any of the following ways:

  • point your browser to , OR
  • “listen in” (without video) by telephone, by calling 646-876-9923 and entering Meeting ID 942 810 6896

If you don’t already have Zoom installed on your computer, clicking any Zoom link will prompt you to begin the installation.  There is no charge to you for the software or its use.


Join a UUCV Small Group

We are all experiencing some degree of isolation from friends and family. This includes our UUCV family. This is the perfect time to consider joining a small group or forming a new one.

We have several small groups meeting on line from two to four times per month. The official organized small group meetings generally meet once a month. But, many feel the need to make contact more often. Please consider the opportunity to speak with and see your fellow UUer's.

If you are interested, send me an email or call: 717-486-8600. If I don't answer, please leave a message and I will get back with you. I hope to hear from you soon.

Stay Well,
Jim Burton
Small Group Ministry Leader

UUCV Fundraising Opportunities

Fundraising, how do we do it in the age of Covid? We need to figure out some new ideas to sustain our beloved community. Come join us on Zoom Thursday July 9th at 6:30 pm ID # 572 887 2212.

Contact Heather Fox Woodward via email at for  a reminder the day before or just show up. We need ideas and helpers. As we say at every board meeting " I will put my hand in yours, so we can do together what I cannot do alone."


Thinking Outside the [Financial] Box


I am concerned that the bulk of our income comes from within our congregation, our yearly pledges. We have no regular external sources of funds save the yard sale and strawberry booth and this year Foundry Day was cancelled, thanks to COVID-19. We are limited to the resources of our members, and it occurs to me that if we had more money we could attract more members and pursue more effective social action.

Many churches use a business-type activity to help with funding. I am thinking of one local church with a food truck. I am also thinking of the Taizé monks, who generate revenue by composing and publishing music.


If we could develop a sustainable “business” model, it would relieve some of the pressure on the congregation’s wallets.


This is not to say I have any kind of instant, magic solution to the problem. Far from it.


But I believe there may be viable solutions and I am qualified to help us explore the subject. I have started and run perhaps 20 businesses, some of them successful. 


I am seeking a few people for a short meeting, via Zoom, perhaps two hours, to talk this over and decide if it’s worth exploring further. If we decide to continue, we will need to do a lot of research and brainstorming.


Do you feel this is worth taking a few hours to assess its feasibility? Would you like to help us think outside the box (assuming you’re not a cat)? If so, please contact myself or Pam


Joseph Osborne (

UUCV Yard Sale Update

We are hopeful that we may be able to hold our UUCV Yard Sale in August or September.

As we see how the social distancing restrictions are revised throughout the summer, we will determine if it's safe to hold this event and follow the CDC guidelines for outdoor activities.

Stay tuned......

UUCV Marketplace Sales

Do you have a large item or higher priced item you would like to donate to UUCV?  

Our church administrator will advertise and manage on Facebook's Marketplace with proceeds going to UUCV.

Contact Pam to make arrangements for drop off of your item to UUCV.
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